LILA Recommendations for the NEC Election

This is what we suggest:

(For the 9 LLA and CLGA candidates that we recommended for the nominations ballot, who are all in Tier 1, you can find their election statements here)

a) Give your preference for each Tier in order.

b) Choose the order of candidates within each Tier, so for example in Tier 1 give your preferences from 1 to 12, in Tier 2 13 to 19, in Tier 3 20 to 28.

c) Stop at Tier 3 if you only want to vote for confirmed left-wing candidates. Tier 4 are independents. Tier 5 is as far as we can see made up of right-wingers who are hostile to what LILA wants to achieve.

d) Please also vote Dave Bradney for Treasurer.

Tier 1
Roger Silverman
Alec Price
Carol Taylor Spedding
Ekua Bayunu
Chaudhry Qamer Iqbal
Steve Maggs
Yasmine Dar
Gemma Bolton
Laura Pidcock
Nadia Jama
Ann Henderson
Mish Rahman

Tier 2
Jermain Jackman
Crispin Flintoff
Cameron Mitchell
Katherine Foy
Alex Beverley
Stephanie Shuttleworth
Mark McDonald

Tier 3
David Anderson
Fiona Dent
Mick Johnston
Vince Maple
Neeraj Patil
Joseph Wheatley
John Wiseman
Zahida Abbas Noori
Julian Vaughan

Tier 4
Bodrul Amin
Matthew Blakemore
Liz McInnes
Julie Reid
Iram Woolley

Tier 5
Theresa Griffin
Terry Paul
Shama Tatler
Paula Sheriff
Michael Payne
Luke Akehurst
Johanna Baxter
Gurinder Singh Josan
Ann Black