Who we are:

LILA are members of Labour International CLP, who are members or supporters of Momentum, the LRC, Red Labour or the CLPD or just on the ‘left’ that want to work together to turn Labour International, the International Section of the Labour Party, into an active campaigning Labour Party organisation.

Aims and objectives:

LILA will organise within Labour International to achieve the implementation of its aims and objectives and its policies as determined by its AGM, and to restore the operation of a fully democratic Labour International CLP.

LILA will appeal for support on the basis of its socialist policies to all existing Labour members and to all socialists outside the Labour Party who it will encourage to join or re-join the Labour Party.

LILA is an open, democratic and socialist organisation committed to the election of a Labour Government and the implementation of a fundamental and irreversible shift in the balance of wealth and power in favour of the working class and the promotion of internationalism, peace and equality.

LILA will seek to transform Labour International into an open democratic and socialist organisation that supports the interests of all sections of the international working class.